Safe Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Enjoy ringing in the New Year without putting yourself at risk for common holiday accidents.

It's almost 2014! How will you be celebrating New Year's Eve? If your plans involve driving, alcohol, or fireworks, you may be vulnerable to the dangers that often lurk around this holiday. Keep yourself safe by following these important pieces of advice.

Stay off the roads, if possible.

Your best way to celebrate is at place where you can arrive early and spend the night. Even a sober driver can easily find himself in a wreck on New Year's Eve. Just because you are driving responsibly, doesn't mean the driver next to you is alert and cautious. If you do drive, make sure you are sober, aware of your surroundings, and ready to react at a moment's notice.

Drink responsibly.

Drunk driving shouldn't be your only alcohol concern. A few too many could result in dangerously impaired judgment, if not alcohol poisoning. If you plan to drink, know your limit, and enjoy your drinks in moderation.

Use fireworks with caution.

Want to celebrate the new year with a bang? Fireworks may be a tradition, but they can lead to some nasty injuries if you aren't careful. Make sure the person lighting them has avoided alcohol that evening. Light only one firework at a time, never relight a dud, and set up a bucket of water close by before you start.

At Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, we hope you and your family have a safe and enjoyable New Year's Eve! If you have healthcare questions or you need a physician referral in 2014, you can always turn to our free Consult-a-Nurse® service. Keep our number on hand; it's 1-888-741-5119.

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