Portion Control during the Holidays

Don't make the holidays an excuse for overeating.

One of the worst parts of the holidays is that queasy feeling after a big meal when you know you've eaten just a little too much. Unfortunately, this is how many people end their celebrations – with a stomachache and a long-forgotten diet. Not this year! Portion control is possible amidst all the festivities. These tips will help you out when temptations are looming large.

  • Don't linger near the food tables. Out of sight (and smell), out of mind. Make it a chore to grab a plate of food at parties. If you are mindlessly munching away while mingling by the buffet, you're going to overeat.
  • Start with a salad. This is a great first course if you want to tame a raging appetite.
  • Grab a smaller plate. It's basic math: you can't fit huge portions on a tiny plate. Studies show that those with smaller plates and bowls tend to eat less, even without stringent rules to keep them in line.
  • Fill half your plate with veggies. This simple rule ensures you aren't grabbing huge portions of unhealthy dishes, and all those healthy vegetables will keep your appetite under control.
  • Eat slow. Your stomach needs time to realize when it's full. Give it some. If you're still hungry in 20 minutes, then you can go back for more.

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