10 Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

Find a little inner peace this holiday season.

If you believe the word "holiday" is synonymous with stress, it's time to rethink how you approach this busy time of year. These 10 stress busters could make all the difference as you celebrate with your family and friends.

  1. Settle on a budget. A pile of debt isn't going to help your nerves. Create a reasonable plan for holiday spending.
  2. Make time for exercise. Your body needs activity or you're likely to start feeling restless, irritable, or depressed.
  3. Avoid a cluttered calendar. Everyone needs a little down time. If your days are packed, start weeding out some of your activities.
  4. Get enough sleep. Even a little fatigue can make a person's emotions hard to handle in stressful situations.
  5. Keep your distance from family dramas. One thing you'll never be able to control? Other people. Don't engage in petty squabbles among loved ones.
  6. Avoid holiday nutrition pitfalls. Too much sugar or not enough essential nutrients can leave you feeling tired, ill, and moody.
  7. Manage your expectations. No holiday is ever going to go off without a hitch. Let go of your visions of perfection, and enjoy the celebrations, hiccups and all, with an easy-going attitude.
  8. Learn how to say "no" without feeling guilty. If you want to protect your sanity, you can't attend every holiday party, family gathering, or charity event. It's okay to decline invitations or requests.
  9. Give yourself extra time on the road. Traffic problems are frequent during the holiday season. A little wiggle room will help you stay relaxed in that bumper-to-bumper stall.
  10. Disconnect. When you're celebrating with family and friends, keep your phone off. Focus on the people around you. Work emails, social media, and your favorite news sources can wait.

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