5 Benefits of a Trauma Center

In many medical emergencies, a trauma center is the best place you can land.

If you are in a serious accident, where would you want to go? The closest emergency room may not always be your best bet. The typical ER may not be equipped to handle all trauma cases, but a trauma center is created for just that purpose. Here are five benefits you'll receive if you ever find yourself at our Level II Trauma Center.

  1. Our staff is specially trained for trauma. Not just emergency care, but trauma. You're guaranteed to have an expert (or two) on your case who has proven his knowledge in trauma care, along with his ability to work well under this kind of pressure.
  2. A trauma center attracts the top physicians. Not only are the standards for employment higher in a trauma center, hospitals with these departments naturally attract the best in the field. Specialists want to work in an environment where they can focus solely on their expertise.
  3. More resources are available. When compared to a typical emergency room, a trauma center usually has more operating rooms, better technology, and a bigger blood supply. Your care will be more accurate and more efficient.
  4. The certification process holds trauma centers accountable. Certain standards must be met and proven before a hospital can claim to have a trauma center, and recertification occurs regularly.
  5. Your bill might be smaller. Government programs and insurance companies tend to work differently with trauma centers than they do with emergency rooms. In most cases, this results in a smaller out-of-pocket cost for the patient.

When you've suffered a trauma, you want the latest technology and a team of expert physicians on your side. You'll get both at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point. Learn more about our Level II Trauma Center at our website.

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