Choosing the Right Footwear: 5 Tips

A good pair of shoes means happy feet. Find out how to locate the perfect pair for you.

After a long day of standing, whether at work or shopping, do your feet ache? You may be quick to blame your soreness on the day's activity. However, the problem could be on your feet – your shoes.

Wearing ill-fitting, poorly structured or just the wrong type of shoe can cause pain and possibly damage to your feet. For example, wearing flat shoes with no internal support could cause your ligaments and tendons to overstretch and the arch of your foot to collapse

Protect your feet with these tips:

  1. Get the right one for the job –  You wouldn't use a spoon to dig a hole. The same logic works with footwear. Match up the activity with the proper shoe. If you are spending the day walking in the park, wear walking or running shoe. 
  2. Wiggle room – When trying on shoes, make sure the area around your toes has a little room. Shoes that squish your toes together cause calluses and corns.
  3. Snug in the back – Your shoe should fit snugly around your heel to prevent slippage and rubbing.
  4. Good cushion – Finding a shoe with good cushion will take pressure off of the joints in your feet and ease the strain on your ligaments and tendons.
  5. Prevent slipping – Good traction on the bottom of a shoe is very important to prevent falls and other accidents.

If a new, comfortable pair of shoes is not easing your foot pain, Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point's Orthopedic Center may be able to help. Our staff can help treat problems that arise from injury or strain during everyday life. For more information or for a physician referral, call our free Consult-A-Nurse® service at 1-888-741-5119.

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