Stay Safe on the Water

Play safe on the water with these tips.

Whether you spend your summer on a boat, riding a jet ski or swimming in your backyard pool, safety should be at the forefront of your recreational activities. Unfortunately, fun recreational water activities can also be dangerous, especially for children. Keep your family safe with these rules and tips.

Use the right gear
Safety gear, like life jackets, are very important. Whenever you're on a boat or other watercraft, always wear a jacket. Don't use those old excuses like, "But I"m a really good swimmer." Being a good swimming is a moot point if you are injured and knocked unconscious.

Keep a watchful eye
Always make sure children are supervised when they are in the water.

Be smart about swimming
Use common sense when swimming. Don't swim by yourself. Also, if bad weather arrives, get out of the water and take shelter in a safe place. Never swim during a thunderstorm.

Know how to save a life
If your family spends a lot of time on the water, consider the value of being trained in CPR. Your local American Red Cross chapter can help you find a training course.

Wear sunscreen
Being in and near the water reflects more sunlight on your skin. Prevent inevitable sunscreen and future skin problems by wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen at all times.

Say no to alcohol
Water and alcohol do not mix. Impaired judgment caused by alcohol consumption amplifies the risk of injury in a water-related accident. 

If someone is injured or appears to be drowning, get them to safety as quickly as possible and call 911. Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point is a verified Level 2 Trauma Center offering advanced care with exceptional trauma-trained staff. Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point is offering a complimentary package of “Water Watcher” tags to further promote water safety. Each tag states, “I am wearing this tag to help prevent children from drowning. I agree to supervise children in and around water. I will not leave the area without a replacement.”

For a complimentary package of Water Watcher tags, please call 727-869-5498 or toll free 877-442-2362.

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