Summer Health Myths & Facts

Learn the truth behind all the old wives’ tales you heard as a kid.

You can almost hear your mother’s voice when someone says, “You just ate! Wait 30 minutes before going back into the pool.” So, are they urban legends or truth? Let’s examine the myths and facts of these summertime rules.

Don’t swim after eating.
The reasoning behind this pool rule was that a swimmer with a full belly would suffer from cramps and drown. The idea is partly true. After eating, blood heads to the gastrointestinal tract to aid in digestion and carry nutrients throughout the body. With blood gathering in the gut, cramping is a possibility. However, suffering cramps severe enough to cause drowning is unlikely.

Fact: Waiting it out is not such a bad idea. But if you can’t wait to hit the water, head back to the beach and rest if you start to feel cramps.

Tilt your head and jump up and down to get that water out of your ear.
Jumping up and down with your head tilted does nothing more than make you look silly. The ear canal is curved, so it needs some maneuvering to release trapped water. Put your index finger above your earlobe on the front of your ear and your thumb on the back your ear on the cartilage. Gently tug and wiggle and straighten the canal to release the water.

Fact: Leaving water inside can lead to swimmer’s ear.

Don’t drink out of the hose
While it is unlikely to find a germ haven in the garden hose, it just common sense to not drink from it. Let’s put it this way: if you don’t know where it has been, don’t put it in your mouth. You can’t be completely certain that the seemingly harmless hose isn’t breaking down plastic chemicals into the water.

Fact: It’s safer to drink from the tap or from a bottle of water.

Everyone at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point wishes you a safe and happy summer. To learn more about staying safe this summer, call our free Consult-A-Nurse® service 24 hours a day at 1-888-741-5119 to ask any health questions or to receive a physician referral.

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