Safety Checklist for Sports Parents

Safe Kids Week is the perfect time for parents to keep themselves in check and know their role in sports safety for their little athletes.

Baseball boy

A report published by Safe Kids Worldwide in 2012 indicates that one in three children who play team sports are injured seriously enough to miss practices, games or even suffer life-long consequences.

While some accidents are inevitable, parents can arm themselves with the knowledge to ward off as many injuries as they can with the following checklist:

  • Visit the doctor. Before your athlete take the field or court, visit your family physician or pediatrician for a complete physical evaluation.
  • Inform everyone. Make sure all coaches and volunteers have your child’s emergency information. Include phone numbers, family physician information, and a list of medications and allergies.
  • Know the signs. A small bump to the head can be something much more serious. For this reason, parents should know the signs of a concussion. Symptoms include headache, blurred vision, irritability, difficulty concentrating and changes in sleep patterns.
  • Come equipped. Proper sports equipment is essential. Proper-fitting equipment is just as important.
  • Take a break. Teach your athlete the importance of rest during games and practices. Encourage them to take one to two days off per week from practice and competitive play to recover physically and mentally.
  • Prevent dehydration. Send a water bottle with your child to games and practices. Educate your child on the important of water breaks and staying hydrated.

In the case an injury does occur, you can count on the medical personnel at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point to provide the care your athlete will need to get back in the game. Visit us online to learn more about our designation as a Provisional Level II Trauma Center and to see all of our services. If you would like to schedule an appointment to speak with a doctor, call our free Consult-A-Nurse® service at 1-888-741-5119 for a physician referral.

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