“Recipe” For a Healthy Thanksgiving

Get out your cookbook and recipe cards and take notes on this recipe for a healthy Thanksgiving.

You don’t need to avoid your favorite foods this Turkey Day. Just make a few smart substitutions and add some healthy options to whip up a Thanksgiving that will be delicious and nutritious.

Recipe for a Healthy Thanksgiving

1 cup Exercise and Socializing:

  • Work up an appetite with a family sport or activity outdoors before the feast. Also remember to spend more time catching up with loved ones and less time eating to save a few calories. Clear the table as soon as everyone is done eating to remove the temptation to keep nibbling. Plan a family game for after the meal.

2 tablespoons Portion Control:

  • The amount you eat makes a difference. Start with a smaller plate. Don’t overload your plate with heaps of everything. Instead, take a small sample of your favorites and take time to savor the flavors. Really enjoy each bite slowly. It will make your smaller portions last longer and seem more filling. Skip the seconds (remember that leftovers can be enjoyed in the days to come).  

3 ounces Healthy Food Choices:

  • Turkey is lean and healthy, just don’t fry it or add excess butter or fat when roasting.
  • Green beans and asparagus can taste great grilled or roasted; leave out the creamy casserole sauce.
  • Salad my not be as traditional as other dishes, but fresh greens will make your plate look great.
  • Apples and cranberries are fall favorites that are tasty and nutritious.
  • Mashed potatoes without the butter and salt will taste delicious when flavored with herbs. Sweet potatoes are healthiest with a dash of cinnamon; no sugary topping needed.
  • Pumpkin pie without the crust and whipped topping makes a healthy dessert. For a different taste, go with angel food cake topped with berries.

If you follow this recipe for a healthy Thanksgiving plate, you’ll have food left over. Visit our online health library for great tips on how to make the most of Thanksgiving leftovers. Don’t “gobble gobble” more than your fair share this year. Happy Thanksgiving from Regional Medical Center.

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