Our Best Halloween Safety Tips

As “Trick or treat,” fills the night air on October 31, make safety a priority this Halloween.

A boo-boo isn’t a fun trick or treat for Halloween. Following these safety tips can help ensure a happy and healthy Halloween for your little witches, ghosts, and goblins. From costumes to candy, there are many ways to have a safe holiday.

Top Halloween Safety Tips


  • Choose flame resistant material for costumes.
  • Secure all loose ends to avoid tripping hazards.
  • Make sure vision is not obscured by masks or hats.
  • Make-up should be pre-tested for allergic reactions.
  • Weapons and accessories should be of soft, flexible material to avoid injury.

Trick or Treating

  • Kids should travel in groups at all times.
  • Adult supervision for younger kids is important.
  • Plan a trick or treating route together that sticks to safe, well-known areas.
  • Kids should not enter any home without parent permission.
  • Choose a well-lit area for trick or treating.
  • Malls and community centers offer safe trick or treat options for younger kids.
  • Warn kids to be on the lookout for motor vehicles and even bikes.
  • Kids should carry a flashlight and wear other reflective safety gear.


  • Children should not eat unwrapped or homemade treats.
  • Excess candy can lead to cavities, illness, and weight gain.
  • Check all candy to be sure it has not been tampered with.
  • Offer healthy snacks at home to encourage children to make nutritious snack choices.
  • Make a deal with kids to limit their candy intake to a reasonable amount.


  • Choose proper electrical cords and lighting for outdoor and indoor decor.
  • Avoid using strobe lights, fog machines, or dry ice that can lead to tripping.
  • Flameless, battery-operated candles are a better option than real flames.
  • Follow all manufacturers’ directions for decorations.
  • Supervise children when carving pumpkins.

Regional Medical Center wishes your family a Happy Halloween. Make it a spook-tacular holiday by following the above safety tips. If an accident does occur, our Emergency Room is open to treat your tricksters. Check out our online health library to learn more about how to manage the candy consumption and other Halloween safety tips. Happy Halloween to all!   

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