Get Fit this Fall: 6 Ways to Become a Healthier You

Don’t let a healthy lifestyle fall by the wayside this autumn; fall into fitness!

The dog days of summer have come to an end. There’s a crisp feeling in the air. Autumn is arriving. As the leaves change color and the holidays approach, make fall the time to become a healthier you. Use these six tips to make this autumn your healthiest season yet.

6 Tips for a Healthier You this Fall

1. Exercise while enjoying the cooler weather. You can walk, bike, or hike while taking in the beautiful changing scenery around you. Many outdoor activities including sports, kayaking, and horseback riding are more enjoyable during the crisp fall weather.

2. Go back to school with the kids. Many classes for adults such as dance, cooking, or physical fitness start up in the fall. Try learning a new skill that will keep you active and fit.

3. Choose healthy treats. You’ll be tempted by the Halloween haul and the Thanksgiving cornucopia along with the Christmas season treats. Make smart choices about eating. Load up on fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Save room for one small treat to reward yourself without the guilt.

4. Become an early bird. The time change this season means it gets darker earlier. Use the bright light of the early day to be active. If you focus on fitness early in the day, you can look forward to a cup of hot tea and a family night in front of the fireplace in the evening.  

5. Embrace the season. Chores like raking leaves can be a drag, but if you make it into a fun game with the family, you can all enjoy the health benefits together. Pick out pumpkins by walking around the whole patch before you decide. Pick your own apples and create healthy treats to enjoy.  

6. Check out local events in your community. You might find a race or walk-a-thon themed around a fall holiday. You can also get involved in helping those in need through food drives and other charity work. Volunteering will boost your mood and it benefits those around you.

Regional Medical Center wants you to enjoy getting healthy this fall. Visit our online library to learn more about physical fitness. Get healthy eating tips to help you make nutritious choices this fall. Fall into fitness and better health this autumn.   

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