What’s the Golden Hour?

Survival rates are highest for traumatic injuries or accidents when treatment is received within one hour.

We all know that accidents can happen in a split second. Some are much more severe than others, and there is no time to spare when deciding how to take action.

According to the Trauma Foundation, a traumatic injury or trauma is a blunt force or penetrating physical injury that requires surgical and other medical specialists to consult, observe or perform surgery in order to optimize recovery. Examples of traumas are life-threatening injuries such as those due to serious car crashes, bad falls or gunshot wounds.

Time is of the Essence: The Golden Hour
Trauma Foundation statistics report that traumas are a leading cause of disability and account for 45-50,000 deaths per year. When it comes to treating traumas successfully, time is of the essence. A victim’s chances of survival are highest if he or she receives the appropriate emergency care within the first 60 minutes after the trauma occurs. This time period is known as the golden hour.

Level II Trauma Center
Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point
has a history of providing the highest level of critical medical care for our community and the Pasco County region. Thanks to an affiliation between HCA Florida and USF Health, Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point was recently designated a Provisional Level II Trauma Center—the first and only in the Pasco, Hernando and Citrus County area. We are staffed and equipped around the clock to provide trauma patients with life-saving care during the golden hour.

Learn more about trauma care at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point here. Learn about all the other services we offer on our website or contact us by phone with your non-emergency questions at (727) 819-2929.

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