Tips for Staying on Track With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Santa is done making lists. Now it’s your turn to list your New Year’s Resolutions. Many people resolve to make the new year better in many ways. A long complicated list of resolutions can be overwhelming and tough to stick to. Use these tips to make New Year’s Resolutions you can keep.Young woman with salad

To make your resolutions last:

  • Set achievable goals that can be broken down into increments.
  • Don’t choose the same resolutions you’ve been unsuccessful with in years past.
  • Create a specific plan for how to achieve each goal.
  • Get your loved ones on board to support you or even join you in your efforts.
  • Don’t set too many goals. Focus on a few key goals instead.
  • Be honest with yourself

Healthy Diet
If you’re going to aim for getting your meals balanced, use the My Plate website from the USDA to help you plan your meals. Include more fruits, vegetables, diary, protein, and whole grain. Cut down on the fats, sugars, sodium, and carbohydrates. Make finding new recipes fun. Host a healthy food party for the new year so everyone can get some inspiration. Eating at home allows you to save money and control the ingredients in your meals.

Exercise & Weight Loss
Set manageable goals. You won’t be able to lose 50 pounds right away. Start with daily a heart pumping workout of 30 minutes or more. Schedule your workout like you would any other important event in your day. Combine your workout with healthy eating and you’ll start to feel better and get to go shopping for smaller clothes!

Less Stress
Stress comes from all corners of life: work, home, the economy, family, and your own mind. Take time each day to focus on something good. Cut out stressors that you can live without. Learn to compromise with stressful people you can’t avoid. De-stress before bed with a good book, warm bath, calming music, or relaxing aromas. Get plenty of sleep so you can wake up to a stress-free day.

Quit Smoking
Many people resolve to quit smoking but are unable to. Meet with your doctor to investigate medications. You can try patches, gum, or smokeless cigarettes to taper off your cravings. Whatever you do, just don’t give up. Think of the extra time you’ll get with your loved ones when you live a healthier life.

Regional Medical Center wants to help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions. Visit our website and check out the section Reduce Stress: Fit Fitness Into Your Life for ideas and tips on a happier new year. Call our free Consult-a-Nurse service if you have questions about how your New Year’s Resolutions may impact your health and safety.

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