Tips for a Safe Holiday Season

It is time to jingle the bells and deck the halls. The holiday season is a time of joy, peace, and giving, but there can be dangers lurking under the winter wonderland. Consider these safety tips to make your holiday season safe and happy.Thanksgiving dinner

Going up on the rooftops may look easy for Santa and his reindeer, but you need to be careful when stringing lights and other holiday decorations. Use a sturdy ladder and safety gear such as a helmet or harness when necessary. If you have small children, make sure ornaments or other small Be careful with candles as well, keeping them out of reach of children and pets. Consider using battery operated candles.

Make sure you cook all food items thoroughly and according to packaging directions. When preparing food for a large group of people, you also must be careful that it is kept hot until all of it is served. Clean and sanitize counters and cooking equipment between preparations. Meats and eggs may leave bacteria behind and under cooked food can lead to illness.

With all the meeting and greeting during the holiday season, colds and the flu can spread quickly. Wash up with soap and hot water or instant hand sanitizer frequently to protect your family from illness. Dress for the weather as well. Cold weather can make you susceptible to illness or cause other health problems, particularly for the very young or elderly.

Stay safe on the road this holiday season with a few smart choices. If you are traveling out of state and up north, watch out for icy patches on the road. Drive carefully around snow banks to avoid hidden dangers. If you choose to drink alcohol, always have a designated driver. Never drive after you have had an alcoholic drink. You can always leave your car and take a cab. The penalties for drunk driving can include heavy fines, jail time, and can lead to accident, injury, or death.

Don’t let the holidays weigh you down with stress. You can dial down your stress level this year by focusing on what really matters: spending time with loved ones. Choose to go simple over decadent. Plan ahead so you won’t feel rushed whether it’s shopping for gifts or whipping up a dish.

Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point wants you to have a safe holiday season. Regional Medical Center wants to make the holidays safe and happy for everyone with Community Holiday Gift Baskets. Be safe this holiday, but if an accident does occur, our Emergency Care Center is here for you.

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