Harm-Free Household Handiwork

While you turn your house into a home with projects, remodeling, and maintenance, keep these safety tips in mind.

Electricity: When you are working with electricity, call a professional. In most places, it is against the law to work with electricity without a license.

  • Keep outlets plugged up if you have small children.
  • If you are using an electric device to clean, cut, trim, etc., read all directions first and use the device in the way it was intended.

Ladders: Whether you are hanging the holiday lights or retrieving a lost baseball, ladder safety comes first.

  • Read the instructions for each individual ladder as they differ from model to model.
  • Inspect the ladder to be sure it is in the best condition.
  • Do not lean the ladder on too extreme an angle.
  • Have a spotter on the ground to look out for you.
  • Always face the ladder when going up or down.
  • Choose the correct height and material for the job.
  • Don’t stand on the bucket shelf or at the very top and reach; get a taller ladder.

Light bulbs: It’s as easy as changing a light bulb, as they say. However, you still need to be careful.

  • Make sure the light is switched off and cool before your remove the burned-out bulb.
  • Use a sturdy ladder to reach the light; do not balance on counters, chairs, or other objects.
  • If the light bulb doesn’t come out easily, you may want protective hand covering in case in breaks.
  • Step off of the ladder and dispose of the old bulb safely (wrap it in the leftover packaging).
  • Climb back up the ladder and preferably have someone hand you the new bulb.
  • Check to see that the bulb works after you have screwed it in before you replace any light coverings.

Roofs: You may have to climb up on your roof for repairs, gutter cleaning, or object retrieval.

  • Use a safe and sturdy ladder to access the roof.
  • Use a roof safety harness when possible and work with a partner so you can help each other.
  • Secure your materials so they don’t slide around.
  • Stay as low and close to the roof as possible.
  • Do not go on the roof in bad weather, strong wind, rain or other poor conditions.
  • Prepare materials on the ground then bring them up.
  • Cover and mark any holes.

Prevention: Most accidents around the home can be prevented with a few safety precautions:

  • Install hand bars or railings in showers, baths, and on all stairs.
  • Store dangerous chemicals in a safe place that can be locked up from children and will not be exposed to extreme heat or fire.
  • Make sure smoke alarms are working.
  • Install bright lights in stairwells and hallways to prevent falls.

Always keep safety in mind when you are working around your home. Before you begin working on something, make sure you read up on instructions and follow all of the recommended safety measures for that task. If an accident does happen, the Emergency Care center here at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point can help.

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