Splash Safely: Keeping Kids Safe around Water

Kids need constant supervision when they are in or around the water, whether it be in the pool, the ocean, the lake, or even just the bathtub. All it takes is a little distraction to turn a fun day in the water into disaster. Here we have provided some of the top tips for keeping your child safe this summer.

Supervision. Always closely monitor your children when they are around water. Remember, a child can drown in only two inches of water.

Swimming lessons. Check with your doctor to establish when is an acceptable time to start your child in a swimming class. Children as young as even one year old can benefit from swimming lessons.

Flotation device. If your children are going to be in the water, make sure they are wearing a properly fitted flotation device. For children under the age of five, this should mean one that has a strap between the legs as well as a collar to keep the face and neck above the water.

Pool at home. If you have a pool or hot tub at your home, you should consider fencing it in to prevent children from accessing it if you are not directly supervising. Hot tubs should be prohibited altogether, as they put the child at risk of dangerously overheating. Fences should stand four feet tall with slats less than four inches apart and a self-closing latch that would be out of the reach of a child.

Education. Make sure your children understand the proper behavior around the water. They should never run or push while on the pool deck as they could slip and fall. They should also avoid diving in water that is not specifically marked for diving. They should also remain conscious of the weather conditions and get out of the water immediately if the weather turns bad.

Extra precautions. Have a phone with you at the pool in the event of an emergency, as every second can make a difference. Learn CPR and make sure that you have an emergency flotation device on hand.

For more information on keeping kids safe around water and in the home, feel free to contact us at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point. Visit us online or call our free Consult-A-Nurse® service at 1-888-741-5119 for physician referrals and health information.


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