Our Accredited Continuing Medical Education Program Right Here in Pasco County

Medical school is a long and involved educational process. It provides doctors with a fantastic foundation of knowledge to begin their careers and start helping improve people’s lives through healthcare. In reality, medical school should not be the end of a doctor’s learning experience. While time spent working with patients surely helps a physician to learn more about how to produce the best medical outcomes, additional learning can still happen.

Continuing Medical Education

Continuing medical education is a program that our hospital has in place to make sure that our doctors are on the cutting edge of medical knowledge. Changes in medical technology and new developments that come about as a result of constant research make it necessary for even the best physicians to take time periodically to reacquaint themselves with current trends. In order to help our physicians do this, we offer many learning opportunities for our medical staff here at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point. These learning opportunities come in the form of classes, lectures from experts in various medical fields, and training sessions to teach staff about new equipment.

Accreditation by the Florida Medical Association

In order to identify Continuing Medical Education Programs that provide quality and timely information, the Florida Medical Association has an accreditation process. We are one of only 56 locations in Florida that holds an accreditation from the Florida Medical Association. Our accreditation was recently renewed through 2014. We received this accolade after having shown that our program thoroughly approached continuing medical education from planning quality content to evaluating our program and making improvements as necessary.

This program is just one of the things that we do here at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point to make sure that our medical experts are just that, experts. If you need medical answers or a medical diagnosis you can Consult-A-Nurse® at no cost to you by calling 1-866-741-5119.


Accreditation (Florida Medical Association)

Continuing Medical Education (American Medical Associaiton)

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