Quit Smoking with Some Help from Your Friends

Tobacco use disorder is a diagnosable and treatable medical condition. It occurs when a person develops a physical and mental dependence upon tobacco. It can be from smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco or any other use of the product. Once a person is addicted, it is very difficult for him to stop using tobacco–very difficult, but by no means impossible.

Nicotine is the culprit when it comes to tobacco dependence. Nicotine is a drug that affects the brain. It has a pleasurable effect on the brain. Unfortunately for users, this effect lasts only a few minutes, which means that one has to smoke another cigarette or use more chewing tobacco to regain the pleasurable effects. This starts the vicious cycle of tobacco addiction. quit smoking, tobacco addiction, Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point

Negative Effects of Tobacco

Tobacco harms the body. It is a direct cause of:

  • Cancer:Using tobacco can breed cancer in the throat, lungs, and even the colon.
  • Smoker’s cough: Anyone who knows a heavy smoker knows about the constant and unstoppable coughing that results.
  • Birth defects: If a woman is carrying a child and using tobacco, she is harming not only herself, but her child as well.
  • Emphysema: This disease is a result of the lungs slowly deteriorating, ultimately making it hard to breathe.

For more information on tobacco dependence, take a moment to visit our health library. It is a great resource to find out about a myriad of health conditions.

Once you have made the mental choice to quit, you will need help. A proper support structure and expert information are the best way to kick the habit. Both of these valuable resources are available here at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point. Residents of Hudson, New Port Richey or anywhere else in the vicinity can take part in the Tobacco Cessation Program that we are hosting.

The six-week program meets on Tuesday mornings at 11 am. You will have experts providing you with information and support. Additionally you will be given enough nicotine replacement products to last a month. Patches, gum and lozenges have been used by thousands of people to quit smoking. They provide your body with the nicotine that it craves without forcing you to smoke.

Simply call (813) 929-1000 to be directly connected with someone who can tell you more about this helpful program and get you signed up right away.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (PubMed Health)

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