February is American Heart Month

It might seem like doctors and hospitals can’t get enough of talking about cardiovascular health. The truth is, we can’t, and for good reason. A healthy heart is one of the cornerstones of a happy life, even if you do not always think about it. As you know, your heart pumps blood throughout your body. It ensures that your arms, legs and brain get the oxygen and nutrients that they need to stay functional. Your heart is kind enough to keep your body going without your being conscious of it, making it very easy to take heart health for granted.

Rest assured that taking a healthy heart for granted is a mistake. It is this lack of attention that leads to thousands of Americans dying every year from heart disease. We fall into patterns where we eat fast food and skip exercising. Our schedules get the better of us, and instead or taking a few extra minutes every day to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves, we opt for extra time in front of the television.

That is why Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point is taking part in American Heart Month. Starting today, and for the rest of the month of February, we are focusing extra attention on your heart. We are hosting multiple events to help you get the information and exercise you need to keep your heart ticking.

  • Every Tuesday in February from 10:00 AM until noon we will be providing blood pressure readings and body comps.
  • Our cafeteria will be offering many heart-healthy meals throughout February.
  • We are offering tours of our hospital, as well as presentations from our medical staff to help you learn about your heart and how we can keep you healthy.
  • Our Healthy Legs Walking Group will be meeting at Veteran’s Park in Hudson. Exercise is more fun if you get together with others and burn calories!

Make Some Simple changes

Take some time to review our calendar so that you can plan on attending the events that most interest you. In the meantime take some of these tips that will help you get on track. Changing your lifestyle is not easy, so start off by making a few minor changes and then incorporate more heart healthy choices and activities into your life every month. Before you know it you will feel better and have a stronger, healthier heart.

  • Watch your fats- You want to get rid of butter, lard and other types of cooking elements that add saturated and trans fat to your diet. They aren’t necessary and can easily be replaced next time you are at the grocery store with foods and oils that contain unsaturated fats. Pick up some of these as substitutes:
    • Olive oil
    • Canola oil
    • Unsalted nuts and seeds for snacks
    • Avocados
  • Add some fiber- Fiber helps to lower your cholesterol and it also keeps you feeling full so it is easier to avoid snacking and cravings. Choose whole grains instead of foods made with processed/white flour. Make sure your shopping cart has:
    • Whole grain bread
    • Cereals made with whole oats or simply opt for oatmeal
    • Brown rice
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Reduce your alcohol- Regular drinking is not good for the body. Skip having a glass of wine or a beer with dinner. On the nights that you do go out for cocktails, have a glass of water in between your alcoholic drinks. You will still have fun but will drink less and likely avoid a hangover.
  • Quit smoking- We know that this is a hard one, but tobacco kills. It is bad for your heart, lungs, teeth, skin…the list keeps going. Make a plan to curb cigarettes if you are a smoker.

Regional Medical Center Bayonet Points wants you to be healthier in 2011. If you would like more information about how we can help you visit us online or call 1-888-741-5119 to Consult-A-Nurse® who can answer basic medical questions and put you in touch with a medical care provider near you.

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American Heart Association


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