Winter Exercise without the Gym

Even though Hudson only experiences a mild winter compared to the rest of the country, many people still reduce their exerciseSenior Man Exercising In Park during winter months, citing temperature. Not everyone has a gym membership that allows them to escape the weather, and it  might not be as comfortable outside for an evening jog or game of basketball. But that is no reason to skip exercise until spring comes. You need exercise year round to remain healthy and reduce your risk of obesity-related medical issues such as heart disease and Type II diabetes.

There are plenty of ways to stay in shape when the temperature drops. Take some tips to keep your exercise routine intact and avoid the extra pounds that the holidays tend to bring.

  • Proper attire- The Nature Coast does not get that chilly or stay cold for long. Keep up with your evening jog with the purchase of a track suit or two. You don’t have to spend an incredible amount of money; you just need pants and long sleeves that are made of material that accommodate movement. Face it; once you have jogged for a couple of minutes, the temperature inside your track suit will raise enough to keep you comfortable.
  • Home Gym- You might be surprised about all of the different exercises you can do around the house. Burning calories and toning up does not and has never required a gym membership.
    • Abs- You can strengthen your core and burn calories in any room of the house. Sit-ups, crunches and scissor kicks can all be done in the living room while you watch your favorite television program.
    • Legs- Often times your body weight is all you need to exercise your leg muscles. You can use your own body weight to do squats by standing with your feet even, shoulder length apart. Then bend your knees and lower your body, hold for a second and stand up straight. Perform squats with fluid, steady movements to build quadriceps and hamstrings.
    • Triceps- Triceps are the muscles on the back portion of your upper arm. Tone this part of your body using two chairs from your dining room table. Place two chairs in front of one another so that the seat portions are facing each other. They should be slightly farther apart than the length of your legs. Then stand in between the chairs and place your palms on the front of the chair behind you and your feet on the chair in front of you. Proceed to lower yourself down using your arms, then lift yourself back up. Your body weight will be more than sufficient to burn calories while building arm muscles.
    • Upper body- Push-ups are arguably the most classic exercise out there. Simply lie on the ground face down. Keep your back straight and use your arms to raise yourself up and then down again. This simple yet effective exercise will build your chest, arms and upper back and can be done in any room of the house.
    • Cardio- Your heart needs aerobic exercise. You should be performing at least thirty minutes of aerobic/cardiovascular exercise at least three times per week to maintain a healthy heart. Even if the weather outside dictates that a track suit won’t cut it for you, there are still options. Jumping jacks are a great form of cardiovascular exercise that really get your blood pumping, as they incorporate movement from all of your limbs. If jumping jacks seem a bit boring, try turning on some music and dancing actively. There are all kinds of ways to get your heart rate up in the comfort of your home.
    • Stretching- Stretching can be done anywhere, including in your home. Remember to stretch before and after your workout. It will help keep you from cramping. Plus your muscles need to be extended regularly (this is what stretching does). Stretching counters the contraction that resistance-based exercises put your muscles through and it also increases your flexibility.

Don’t let your body go during the next couple of months. Stay focused and dedicate time to staying healthy through regular exercise. For more information visit The U.S. National Library of Medicine online or call Consult-A-Nurse® at (727)869-5498.



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