Cancer Treatment at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point

It is a sad fact that millions of Americans (and people around the entire world for that matter) are diagnosed with cancer every year. Cancer can take many forms, affecting nearly every part of the body. Regardless of where a tumor has developed patients need access to medical care that is designed to treat, and hopefully cure, the disease.

Oncology is the medical field that specializes in treating cancer. Oncologists are doctors who have made eradicating tumors the focus of their work. Some doctors go as far as specializing in specific types of cancer. However not all oncologists have focused on particular types of the disease. Regardless, all oncologists follow methods and practices that have been designed and tested to effectively treat cancer.

At Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, our Cancer Center is prepared to provide effective treatment to cancer patients from Hudson and surrounding areas. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to cancer treatment. Many times our treatment options are used in combination to fight the disease on all fronts.

Our Treatments

  • Chemotherapy- Drugs can be used to attack the cells that form tumors. There are different types of drugs that have been developed to treat different forms of cancer. The drug treatments are usually introduced to the body intravenously (through an IV or catheter) or injected directly into a muscle that can handle the medication and disperse it to the correct area of the body. Chemotherapy can have side effects on the body, as the drugs used are very powerful, but keep in mind that beating cancer outweighs the negative side effects that it can bring.
  • Surgery- Surgeons are almost always involved with a cancer patient. Whether they are involved to gauge the stage of the cancer through a biopsy–a surgical procedure where a small portion of the tumor is removed for testing–or to remove the tumor entirely, surgical oncologists play a significant role in cancer treatment. Generally patients then receive other forms treatment to help the tissue that was near the tumor to resist allowing it to re-grow.
  • Pain Management- Pain is an unfortunate side effect of both cancer and some of its treatments. We offer our patients pain management as a part of the treatment process in order to make the treatment easier. Drugs are generally used to help manage pain. Some are over-the-counter varieties that you have likely heard of, while others are stronger prescription drugs.
  • Nutritional Support- Our dieticians will work with both doctors and patients to develop a diet that will best help the body accommodate other treatments, while giving the patients the nutrients that their body needs.
  • Support Groups- While the surgical and drug-based options are vital to beating cancer, it is a mistake to discount the patient’s state of mind and emotional needs. Without a strong mind it is difficult for the body to recover. Taking this into account, we offer support groups for our patients. They can attend and hear others who are in similar situations talk about their experiences and join in the conversation if they feel comfortable. Sessions are led by trained professionals who understand the importance of empathy.
  • Education- In addition to addressing emotional concerns, it is crucial to arm patients and their loved ones with information. Educating people about their disease, the treatments they will receive and the best lifestyle factors that they can adopt to fight the disease prepares them to get past cancer.

If you or a loved one has questions or needs to locate a facility that is prepared to effectively treat cancer, please call Consult-A-Nurse® at 1-888-741-5119.


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