The Role of Clinical Environment in Healing

From the ancient Greeks to Florence Nightingale, many medical pioneers have embraced the concept that a patient’s environment significantly impacts healing. Every aspect of a patient’s surroundings can contribute to the patient’s recovery.

Environmental Factors that Improve Outcomes

Lack of environmental stress reduces the body’s physical stress, thereby enabling the body to heal more efficiently. Florence Nightingale expounded on the basic necessities of clean air, pure water, and quiet. Since then, experts have come to understand that the clinical environment should be carefully tailored to relieve stress—for both patients and staff.

That means taking a new approach to hospital design. Clinicians must consider factors like lighting, texture, even smells and sounds. As hospitals make updates, they are increasingly moving to hotel-like private rooms where patients can recover in comfort. There are plenty of reasons for hospitals to invest in these improvements: improved patient outcomes, reduced medical errors and hospital-borne infections, and increased staff morale.

Relax and Recover at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point

Meanwhile patients now have choices when they seek medical care. Proactive patients can research their options and choose hospitals that offer not only outstanding medical staff and the latest technologies, but also an exceptional healing environment.

At Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, our Spine Care Center is specifically designed with our patients’ healing in mind. With 12 high amenity private suites and six more private rooms, patients can choose the accommodations that best suit their family’s needs during recovery. Patients who need spinal surgery for degenerative or acute conditions get access to a team of experts and a stress-free recovery process.

If you have questions about spinal surgery or hospital accommodations, please contact us at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point. Visit us online or call (727) 869-5586.

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